Resize the browser window to see how the typography below changes according to window size

# about

Add typefluid.css in your website and forget everything about making typography responsive.

# installation

Install through npm

npm i typefluid


Copy these CSS styles into your a sperate CSS file and link it to your html document, learn more here

# headings

Heading One h1

Heading Two h2

Heading three h3

Heading four h4

Heading five h5

Heading six h6

This is normal paragraph called Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Voluptate enim ab magni sed voluptas ipsa eligendi aut qui aspernatur nisi omnis, commodi voluptates porro illo dolorem ea hic distinctio repellendus.

# text-styles

This is a highlighted word

This is pretty bold word

This is an italic word

This is underlined word

You should cut the word with single line while yo make mistake

This is a code word like